Field Portable Area Meter

has a unique leaf imaging capability that helps provide confidence in field leaf area measurement technique

chlorophyl Fluorometer

Handhels Portable Modulated Chlorophyll Flourometer with color graphic display and direct read out of the dark adapted FV/FM, FV/FO, and advanced OJIP parameters

Chlorophyll Content Meter

•Data Logging included - store up to 160,000 measurements •Single measurements, or average measurements from 2-30 samples •Statistical flyer removal option for measurements outside a 2 sigma range •USB port

Truly portable Photosynthesis System

Measure CO2 and H2O Each photosynthesis system is designed for the highest degree of automation and reliability.

Portable Photosynthesis Systems

measuring systems for long term stand alone measurements and instruments for soil survey respiration measurements

chlorophyll Contentmeters

CCM300 CCM300 Proven technology very small and difficult to measure samples: conifer needles, rice, turf grass, Arabidopsis, small leaf grains, seeds, fruit, moss, lichens, algae on rocks, plant stems, petioles, CAM plants such as prickly pear cactus or Indian fig, or cactus fig, agave, and pineapple.

Chlorophyll Content Meters

Chlorophyll Fluorometers CCm200plus 
title= •Measure Chlorophyll Content Reliably and Nondestructively •Great for Nitrogen and Fertilizer Management Programs •Used for Determination of Optimal Harvesting Time •Comparative Measurement for Plant Health and Plant Breeding •Anthocyanin Content Version Available

General Fluorescence probe

General Fluorescence probe GFP III •Detection of GFP and other fluorescent proteins •Gene Expression Studies •Pesticide/Chemical spray analysis •Transgenic Crop Research & Development •Industrial Inspection •Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) detection